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Don't Experiment With Your Lawn. Leave it to the Pros!

Introducing our enhanced eight-step fertilizing program, ready this spring.

One of the most beneficial things you can do for your lawn is to have a strategic Colonial Land Design lawn fertilization and weed control program.

Lawn fertilizing is important for keeping the turf healthy and strong, making it more resilient to weeds, diseases, insects, etc..  Fertilization also strengthens grass roots, helping them grow deeper and able to withstand stressful conditions.

Weeds can quickly take over any lawn.

That's why an effective weed control program is needed. It will get rid of any weeds in the lawn and also keep new weeds from growing.

Our lawn care, fertilization, and weed control with Colonial Land Design consists of strategically timed treatments that will deliver great results to your lawn.

Our experienced fertilization and weed control applicators understand that no two lawns are alike.  For this reason, Colonial will perform a free soil test, if needed.

Our fertilization and weed control treatments create and maintain the greenest, healthiest lawns in the South Jersey area.  We now offer an 8–step premium lawn program.  We have added one more important step to the existing program: an organic EC + Lime application before the spring.  This step will help keep your lawn's PH levels in check throughout the year.

Colonial is here to take your lawn to the next level!

Lets Get Your Lawn Green!

Our new and improved program!

Eight Step Process

Organic Lime Application
Crabgrass Pre-Emergent Treatment, With Turf Fertilizer

Broadleaf Post-Emergent Treatment
Crabgrass Pre & Early Post-Emergent, With Turf Fertilizer
Insect Control, with Turf Fertilizer
Post-Emergent Weed Control, With Turf Fertilizer
Turf Fertilizer, With Slow-Release Nitrogen
Winter Fertilizer

Schedule of Application

Late Winter
Early Spring
Late Spring
Early Summer
Late Summer
Early Fall
Late Fall/Early Winter

Important Information about Fertilization

Our fertilization technicians are licensed to apply our products. Even a weed-killer, that is specifically designed not to harm grass, can kill your turf if applied too liberally. And fertilizer products themselves, which feed your grass, can also kill the lawn if too much product is applied, or if two separate applications are performed too close together.
Applying fertilizer is a service homeowners frequently try to do themselves, and is definitely one that we strongly recommend trusting to a licensed professional. It is very easy to do something wrong and kill a lawn.

Why is Seeding and Aeration Too Important to Forget?

Is your turf looking a little thin? Did you fight off invasions of weeds, and now have bare patches in your lawn?

If you just said yes to either of those questions, we highly recommend seeding and aerating your lawn.

August is typically the best time to do this. The warmer soil temperatures, in addition to plenty of watering time prior to the fall, make August the optimal choice to get the most new growth from seeding!

lawn aeration

Aeration is a great way to breathe life back into your lawn. The aeration process softens the dirt, so that the roots of your grass can grow more quickly. It also provides those roots with direct access to air, sunlight, water, and other valuable nutrients.  We recommend aeration for your lawn every year.

Aeration will:

• Soften the dirt, so that the roots of your grass can grow more quickly.
• Provide roots with direct access to air, sunlight, water, and other valuable nutrients they need.
• Encourage thatch to break down more quickly.

Ready to talk about your aeration and seeding plan ? Send us a message!