Water Management

Why a Colonial Land Design Sprinkler System?

A sprinkler system can have a significant impact on your home, your schedule, and even your budget. How so?

Fact: Our water sprinkler systems have advanced, cloud-based scheduling and maintenance systems, allowing you to focus on more important things in life.

Fact: Our sprinkler systems use just enough water (without waste) to keep your lawn green and luscious all season long.

Fact: Our sprinkler systems use significantly less water than non-automated systems, saving your wallet and helping to take better care of our planet.


Welcome to the Next Generation of Irrigation Technology


Hydrawise automatically adjusts watering based on highly accurate, internet-sourced local weather data. The system looks at the forecast and past history to ensure that just the right amount of irrigation is applied.


Sit back and relax. With Hydrawise, everything you need is in the palm of your hand. Remote access allows you to view, manage, and monitor your irrigation controller from your phone, tablet, or computer at your convenience.

Financing available! Contact us to discuss how we can help you with a convenient payment plan through Synchrony.